Frappe & ERPNext Version 13.0.0 Beta.1 Released !

Frappe v13.0.0 Beta.1 Release Notes

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Major Features

  1. New Desk
  2. Child table pagination
  3. Events Streaming

Dashboard Enhancements

  1. Save Dashboard Chart config per user
  2. Dashboard permissions
  3. Create Dashboard Charts from Reports

Other Features

  1. Web Page tracking
  2. Ability to cancel all linked document with a single click
  3. Custom JS & CSS support in Web Form
  4. System Setting to remove seconds from datetime field
  5. Added empty list graphics for list view
  6. Validation for Data options and Data values
  7. Introduced tnum font feature for reports
  8. Allow list structure to be changed for the web view
  9. Offsite backup
  10. Mandatory Depends On & Read Only Depends On for Document Fields
  11. Added Google API Indexing

ERPNext v13.0.0 Beta.1  Release Notes


  1. Loan Management and Accounting 
  2. Accounting Dimensions in Budget Variance Report 
  3. Tax Category in POS Profile 
  4. Custom Fields in POS 
  5. HSN Code Wise Item Tax 
  6. Auto State-wise Taxation for GST India
  7. The Accounts entered in CGST and SGST accounts in GST Settings will be automatically skipped for Interstate Transaction and the Accounts in IGST Account will be skipped in Intrastate transaction.


  1. Fetch Items from BOM in Stock Entry 
  2. Inter Warehouse Stock Transfer in Purchase Receipt


  1. Work From Home in Attendance 
  2. Bulk Mark Attendance 


  1. Refactored Healthcare Module 
  2. Rehabilitation Module 


  1. Social Media Post 
  2. Make Quotation against Blanket Order 
  3. Calendar View for Opportunity 

New Reports

  1. Item-wise Sales Register 
  2. Territory-wise Sales 

Other Changes

  1. Report Summary in Financial Statement 
  2. Accounts Payable Report based on Payment Terms 
  3. Allow Purchase Invoice Creation Without Purchase Receipt Checkbox in Supplier 
  4. Allow Purchase Invoice Creation Without Purchase Order Checkbox in Supplier 
  5. Add / Delete Items in submitted Sales / Purchase Order
  6. Provision to edit Item Details from Marketplace
  7. Nested Set filtering for Accounting Dimension
  8. UX changes and better validation message in all Modules
  9. Scan Barcode in Purchase Receipt
  10. Disable Rounded Totals Checkbox for Salary Slips in HR Settings

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